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In general, the group research topic can be summarized in Analysis of Dynamical Systems. This contains Computational and Applied Mechanics, Nonlinear Sciences, Design Purposes, Viscoelasticity and Plasticity. The research has also had applications in emerging subjects such as topics in Biomechanics and Biomedical Systems.


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The Major Team Members are as following:


President: Professor Ali Sahebi UK - Oxford University Press (Professor of Engineering Design and Optimization)  E: asahebi [at]. backstretch-team.com

Vice President for Research: Mr. Khashayar Teimoori USA (Mechanical Engineering) E: kh.teimoori [at]. backstretch-team.com  

Vice President for Academic Affairs: Professor Adel Maghsoudpour PhD,PE IR - SRBIAU (Mechanical Engineering) E: a.maghsoudpour [at]. backstretch-team.com

Headmaster of Design Department: Mr. Mohamad Hasani, PE USA (Mechanical Engineer Designer-Clay Modeling) E: m.hasani [at]. backstretch-team.com

Headmaster of Electrical Engineering Department (Communication): Mr. Ali Behfarnia USA - SUNY New York (Electrical Engineering- PhD  Student in Communication) E: a.behfarnia [at]. backstretch-team.com

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